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Color ball factory

We started out with trying to make a robot car follow a line. That was simple enough to accomplish. We started with making enhancements and changes but we couldn't get it. We started new. We wanted to make something that will help people in the real world. So, we created the color ball factory. We made modification and changes to basically everything! We added color sensors, and even another NXT block which controlled a robotic arm.! This is the color ball factory. After, we also added a tray unloader!


How this is used in the real world

How this impacts the world is that instead of parents having to bend down and sort through big bins of Legos the could use The Color Ball Factory. The Color Ball Factory would sort the Legos for them it will have a catapult to shoot into the dispenser and the color sensor will sense it and put it in the correct compartment. It  tells how many there are for each color for example It will say Red and then number of red objects. It also tells the total so parents could keep track of how many there are in total. The tray opener is used to open the sorting tray compartment gates to unload the balls/objects. This enables the ball factory to process more number of objects for sorting.


our project


Our building skills were very poor and dull until we joined robotics. We worked as a team and accomplished many things such as creativity and teamwork. This did not just help us physically, but also mentally.



We knew nothing about loops, switches, move blocks, until we joined robotics. It was a great experience for us to actually learn how to program a robot to do something. It was a very good learning experience.



After all of the building and hard work of programming, we had to test it. Mostly all the time it didn't work. We kept striving and finally got it to work after many tests. This test didn't just help the robot, but also put us in a seat in the State Robotics and now in the World Competition.

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